Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Scents ft. Rihanna | Current Favourites

Hellooo lovelies.
During this warm weather, I've been enjoying quite a few fruity and florally summer scents.
Without further ado, let me introduce my top 5 current favorite summer scents!

This is an all time summer favorite that I cannot live without. You know when you never feel safe unless you have something familiar around - this is one of those things. It smells sooo fruity and sweet, perfect for day time strolls, picnics in the park or shopping in Oxford Street. However it can only be purchased in Eau de Toilette and 100ml size & if sweet smells aren't your thing, I'd steer clear.

I looovvveee my mini Miss Dior Chérie, its cute and tiny & fits nicely in my purse or the small pockets of my bag. I'm the worst person to describe a fragrance, everything just smells nice or horrible to me ^.^
I'd say this Dior scent is great for anyone who doesn't like the sweetness of D&G 3. It has that lightness & freshness; however there's a tad more sophistication (perfect for work). Miss Dior Chérie can be purchased in different sizes and variants (EDP, EDT) so it's great as a gift to yourself or a friend/family member.

I have loved Nina ever since I was given my first bottle from my work experience manager in France and my feelings have remained the same for Nina L'eau. They're both sweet and light fragrances, perfect for outdoor summer time & hold similar importance to my D&G 3. The l'eau fragrances are perfect for anyone who hates strong scents or suffers from migraines as they are the weakest forms of parfum compared to EDP & EDT.

Ghost Luminous is a great summer night scent, perfect for outdoor dinners or evening strolls (I say this because it's exactly what I do when I'm on holiday). It's a great holiday scent and it's really affordable too, much like the other fragrances by Ghost. It's one of those things I always find myself taking on holiday because the bottle is simple so there's no faffing around and it's not too expensive so I won't cry if it gets lost or broken.

This new baby made it's way to my top 5 in less than 5 days. I've never really owned any celebrity fragrances nor have I ever tried them out instore so I was really curious as to what a Rihanna fragrance would smell like. When this came through the post, it by far exceeded my expectations! Rogue has a sophisticated floral scent with a slightly spicy kick - I find it really versatile as I can see myself wearing this to work, during the day or even on a night out. The bottle itself is really classy & feminine with nude pink accents and I absolutely love the spikes at the bottom which gives it that completed edgy, Rihanna inspired theme (see further images). This is a more affordable fragrance and with it's different size options, I think this is a great choice to add to your personal collection or to give to someone as a gift. Do try it out next time you're in the fragrance aisle.

What are your current favorite scents?

Keeks xx

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