Monday, 22 September 2014

DIY Gift Ideas | Personalized Gift Box/Set

Hellooo lovelies.
I hope you've all had a good start to the week. Last week was one of my friend's birthdays and to celebrate, we dined, drank and danced in a restaurant/bar in Shoreditch. It had been so long since we last met up so I was really stuck on gift ideas & since she was going back to university, I decided to put together a few pieces which could help her along the way.

I was so pleased at how this little DIY turned out, especially since our plans were all so last minute. I also love this idea because it's more than just your average gift box, I've incorporated my own choices into the mix, it's a lot more personal & meaningful - great for showing family members, best friends, or partners how much you care. Also, the gifts don't have to be expensive, they can be little reminders of things that you've laughed over throughout the years, little treats, or even a themed gift box, e.g. stationery sets, beauty, winter accessories...

I started off by wrapping up an old shoe box in black tissue, wrapping it twice to hide the writing & labels. Then stick down the edges using double sided tape or any type of glue/tape. I forgot to take photos of the next step but I then scrunched up some tissue and placed it inside the box, this helps stop the contents from moving around.

I then laid out all the products on table and fitted them randomly into the box. I didn't want it to look too organised, so I placed everything pretty randomly. I then laid on some shredded metallic tissue paper, which I purchased from the Card Factory for 99p, as a finishing touch. I would have preferred to wrap the box using clear florist wrap , however I didn't have time to buy any so I opted for a trusty old gift bag instead.

I also wrote a little note (please forgive my scruffy handwriting ^-^) including all the little presents I added to the gift box, this is a huge step in making the gift more personal, each gift has a reason for being in the box - e.g. I know she's obsessed with doing nails so a quality polish like the Deborah Lippman is a great addition to the set. She also travels a lot so little travel sized beauty pieces like the mini Body Shop hand lotion was also a good choice.


 Wilko Camper A5 Notebook

IKEA Skurar Pot

Diorshow Extase Mascara

Soap & Glory Girligo Moisturising Body Lotion

Batiste Floral & Flirty Dry Shampoo

LUSH Space Girl Bath Bomb

Victoria's Secret Coconut Passion Fragrance Mist

Red Cherry Lashes

MeMeMe Cupid's Blush Kiss & Cheek Tint

Deborah Lippmann Build Me Up Buttercup Limited Edition Nail Lacquer
(Spring Reveries Collection)

Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet

Body Shop Shea Hand Cream

Thornton's Personalised Milk Chocolate Gift Tag

Sugared Almonds

Gift Bag, Tissue & Wrapping Accessories

Personalized Birthday Card

Hope this has helped anyone stuck with gift ideas & remember, you can use this DIY for any occassions including Christmas (which is only 3 months away... EEP!)

Keeks xx

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Soap and Glory Haul

Hellooo lovelies.
So as you're all guessing, some thieves broke into my house and planted these products the other night.. The struggle. Okay okay, so Boots had a Buy 1 Get 1 half price off on all S&G products and I just couldn't help myself! I repurchased some all time faves and some new products I wanted to try out. I absolutely love S&G, they're products smell amazing and do wonders! If you also thought I positioned the products in that particular way for the photo shots, you're wrong, I've created a shrine.. No joke..

 So far, I've repurchased the Scent-sationalism Gift Set 6 times (once on 3 for 2, don't judge me!) I'm so hooked on these body mists & they're the perfect size for travelling. The Glow lotion also smells incredible and I can't wait to use it on a night out! I didn't pick up any of the body butter tubs as I have quite a few lying around already. I won't give out too much detail as I'm planning to do separate reviews on my favourite picks so stay tuned to find out more!

For those of you who haven't tried any S&G products yet:

a) I'm not angry with you, just disappointed... ;)
b) Click here to buy 1 and get 1 half price on Soap & Glory goodies!


Until next time lovelies,
Keeks xx

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Models Own Mini Haul

Hellooo lovelies, hope you're all enjoying your weekend so far. Last week, my flatmate Sabbi came down to London and I finally took her to Stratford Westfield. We also did a few cheeky shops including one unexpected stop in a huge nail polish.. That's right, we were inside a huge nail polish!
Models Own Have recently opened up a pop up store in Westfield and if you're a nail polish fanatic, you have to stop by it! They have all the colours you could possibly ever need, want, or even think of - it's like a rainbow puked all over the walls (in a good way). 

They had a 6 for £20 offer on all items so me and Sabbi picked 3 polishes each. The lady who served us was extremely friendly and we had a good, long chat about all things Youtube and blogging. After falling in love with most of the polishes, I narrowed down my top 3 (believe me it was hard) and we also received 2 free eyeliners!

Coincidently, two of the shades I picked up, Beach Bag (neon peachy orange) and Sun Hat (neon pastel pink) were part of the Polish for Tans collection which is supposed to enhance and compliment tanned skin - which I really believe is true! I also picked up a champagne rose gold glitter polish called Pink Fizz because it was so pretty and sparkly. It really has that wow factor  (apparently it's one of the best sellers) and it's been scientifically proven that by being a girl, I cannot resist shiny objects ^-^ The formulas of the polishes are quite opaque, which means you only need 1-2 coats and you're good to go! I shall be revisiting the giant nail polish soon to pick up some Autumn/Winter shades ;)

Keep scrolling for more photos,
Keeks xx

Friday, 12 September 2014

Competition | Get Goddess Legs with Gillette Venus & Olay

Hellooo lovelies!
Who wants silky smooth legs?! I know I do! Gillette Venus and Olay have created a new Sugarberry scented razor not only to provide us all with silky smooth legs, but to also leave them smelling delicious in the few weeks of warm weather we have left. They have also been generous enough to provide me with a goodie bag for one of you lucky readers!

All you have to do is post a leg selfie on Instagram/Twitter and hash tag @GilletteVenusUK and @MalikaChady and you'll be in for a chance of winning your own Sugarberry Goodie bag like mine!

Keep reading to find out why you need these bad boys in your life...

They smell amazing.. Like they smell exactly like berries... If only Gillette and Olay made a matching lotion or something (hint hint)

These razors are really moisturising. Some previous razors I've tried pull on the skin a little due to friction but these Olay moisture bars mean serious business, they're bigger and better than any others I've tried. 

The razor is really comfortable to use, and they just glide on your skin. I usually avoid razors on a night out because I always end up cutting myself but I haven't even cut myself once on these (hope I haven't jinxed myself)!

I usually prefer waxing my legs (when I'm bothered) because it takes longer for the hairs to grow back, but this is a great alternative especially when I'm getting ready for an unexpected night out. I usually chuck my blades away because I forget to buy replacements but I've really liked using the Sugarberry blades and I'm definitely going to be stocking up on them!

Don't forget to post a Goddess Legs selfie for a chance to win your own Sugarberry goodies!

Keeks xx

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

MeMeMe Goodies

Hellooo everyone!
Today I'm going to share with you all this beautifully presented little black box which arrived in the post some time ago. I received these goodies from MeMeMe and being a fan of their Boxed Blushers, I was excited to play around with them a little... Keep on reading to find out what I think!

I'll start off with the product I like the most and was most surprised to like, the mascara! The brush has little bristles which really get down to the root of your lashes, something which the bigger brushes tend to miss a lot. This mascara isn't usually what I go for, it's really natural looking; however there are days where I don't feel like attacking my lashes with product & this mascara is perfect for those days.

The satin lip cream was also really impressive, it was extremely moisturizing and pigmented; however as it isn't a matte formula I'd recommend using a lip liner. I loved the nail varnish, it's a perfect reddish purple Autumn shade (it reminded me of the O.P.I Linkin Park collection!). The Fire eyes shadow quad had some colors I wouldn't usually go for, but I'm hoping to get good use out of them for the next Indian style wedding I attend! My least favourite product was the Cheek & Lip tint. It was easy to apply and blend; but shade was too light & didn't really show up on my skin.

Overall, I was quite pleased with most of the products and I've already spotted some eye shadow quads on the MeMeMe site which I'd like to give a try! 

Have you tried any MeMeMe products?
Keeks xx

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Affordable Pampering | Superdrugs Face Masks

Hellooo lovelies.
The weekend is nearly over and some of you will probably be going back to work (or school) on Monday, so why not make the most of your day by treating yourself to a little you time. Instead of forking out for an expensive spa facial & wasting time travelling there and back, pop into your local drugstore, pick up a little face mask and D.I.Y!

These lovely little face masks from Superdrugs come with a variety of  ingredients and they're currently on Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price making them 50p each! They are paraben free, against animal testing and come with recommended skin types for each mask.  For the price they are worth, they may not be miracle products; however it's a nice little pick-me-up product. I haven't tried all of the masks in the range but I usually buy a few varieties for my mum or keep some lying around in case of any emergency sleepovers. 


If you have extra sensitive skin, only apply the mask to your T-Zone & rinse off after 10 minutes.

Masks will always work better if you wash, cleanse, exfoliate & steam beforehand.

Don't forget to rinse your face with cold water after to close your pores.

Keeks xx

Monday, 1 September 2014

Micellar Water Wars

Hellooo lovelies.
As some of you may know, I went for a mini trip to Paris a while back and picked up a few goodies, some of which included these new Micellar Water solutions everyone's been raving about (another great French skincare creation, these guys are on a roll!). What is Micellar Water some of you may ask?  The water solution contains little surfactants which are good at trapping small particles of oil, etc. hence why they're great makeup removers - it's essentially soapy water but gentle enough it doesn't require any rinsing. I could try to explain this in more scientific detail, but I assure you guys, I will fail ^-^

Science aside, the reason I love these Micellar water solutions is because they are so much more gentle on the skin yet more effective at removing makeup. I also love the idea of using a makeup remover that looks like water, it seems much more gentle than lotions & washes. As far as I'm aware, most micellar water solutions are free of alcohol and soap ingredients, which is perfect for my extra sensitive skin. I've compiled a small list of micellar water's which I've come across and given them all a test. To hear my verdict, keep reading!

The Bioderma makeup remover was one of the first micellar water solutions I heard about & it's still raved today by make up artists & beauty bloggers. Surprisingly, this is my least favorite out of them all! It is supposed to be for extra dry & sensitive skin, and although it worked fine on my eye makeup, it didn't really get on with the rest of my face. Considering there are cheaper alternatives that I prefer more, I don't see myself picking up another bottle of this one, but they have trial sizes if you want to give it a try!

La Roche Posay has always been one of my favorite French skincare brands, mainly because they stock the only sunscreen I've ever tried which doesn't break me out. It has a very subtle fragrance to it, which I like, and it's also non-comedogenic. This is a tad more expensive compared to the Bioderma, but I prefer this formulation much more than the Bioderma.

DAT PUMP DOE! I don't know if the same packaging is available in the US stores, but this new pump feature is so easy and efficient, one of the reasons I really like the Sephora cleansing water - you just push a cotton pad onto the nozzle and it dispenses just the right amount of product. An assistant on the Sephora makeup counters used it on me when I was trying out foundations & it felt so light on the skin. It also has a lovely fresh scent, and the pump just about pushes it to second place!

Last but not least, the winner of the Micellar Water Wars! The Garnier cleansing water wins all rounds, it's fragrance free, easily available and affordable! Removing makeup is an everyday essential so all we really need is something quick, cheap and easy - all the products are essentially the same & there's no point spending so much when they all provide the same uses. If you want to give Micellar Cleansing Waters a go, give this one a try first as it's always on offer & even suits my combination, sensitive skin!

Some more of the many Micellar Water Solutions you may want to try:




(none of these are affiliate links, just where I shop often)

Hope this has helped!
Keeks x