Saturday, 6 September 2014

Affordable Pampering | Superdrugs Face Masks

Hellooo lovelies.
The weekend is nearly over and some of you will probably be going back to work (or school) on Monday, so why not make the most of your day by treating yourself to a little you time. Instead of forking out for an expensive spa facial & wasting time travelling there and back, pop into your local drugstore, pick up a little face mask and D.I.Y!

These lovely little face masks from Superdrugs come with a variety of  ingredients and they're currently on Buy 1, Get 1 Half Price making them 50p each! They are paraben free, against animal testing and come with recommended skin types for each mask.  For the price they are worth, they may not be miracle products; however it's a nice little pick-me-up product. I haven't tried all of the masks in the range but I usually buy a few varieties for my mum or keep some lying around in case of any emergency sleepovers. 


If you have extra sensitive skin, only apply the mask to your T-Zone & rinse off after 10 minutes.

Masks will always work better if you wash, cleanse, exfoliate & steam beforehand.

Don't forget to rinse your face with cold water after to close your pores.

Keeks xx

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