Thursday, 18 September 2014

Soap and Glory Haul

Hellooo lovelies.
So as you're all guessing, some thieves broke into my house and planted these products the other night.. The struggle. Okay okay, so Boots had a Buy 1 Get 1 half price off on all S&G products and I just couldn't help myself! I repurchased some all time faves and some new products I wanted to try out. I absolutely love S&G, they're products smell amazing and do wonders! If you also thought I positioned the products in that particular way for the photo shots, you're wrong, I've created a shrine.. No joke..

 So far, I've repurchased the Scent-sationalism Gift Set 6 times (once on 3 for 2, don't judge me!) I'm so hooked on these body mists & they're the perfect size for travelling. The Glow lotion also smells incredible and I can't wait to use it on a night out! I didn't pick up any of the body butter tubs as I have quite a few lying around already. I won't give out too much detail as I'm planning to do separate reviews on my favourite picks so stay tuned to find out more!

For those of you who haven't tried any S&G products yet:

a) I'm not angry with you, just disappointed... ;)
b) Click here to buy 1 and get 1 half price on Soap & Glory goodies!


Until next time lovelies,
Keeks xx

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