Tuesday, 9 September 2014

MeMeMe Goodies

Hellooo everyone!
Today I'm going to share with you all this beautifully presented little black box which arrived in the post some time ago. I received these goodies from MeMeMe and being a fan of their Boxed Blushers, I was excited to play around with them a little... Keep on reading to find out what I think!

I'll start off with the product I like the most and was most surprised to like, the mascara! The brush has little bristles which really get down to the root of your lashes, something which the bigger brushes tend to miss a lot. This mascara isn't usually what I go for, it's really natural looking; however there are days where I don't feel like attacking my lashes with product & this mascara is perfect for those days.

The satin lip cream was also really impressive, it was extremely moisturizing and pigmented; however as it isn't a matte formula I'd recommend using a lip liner. I loved the nail varnish, it's a perfect reddish purple Autumn shade (it reminded me of the O.P.I Linkin Park collection!). The Fire eyes shadow quad had some colors I wouldn't usually go for, but I'm hoping to get good use out of them for the next Indian style wedding I attend! My least favourite product was the Cheek & Lip tint. It was easy to apply and blend; but shade was too light & didn't really show up on my skin.

Overall, I was quite pleased with most of the products and I've already spotted some eye shadow quads on the MeMeMe site which I'd like to give a try! 

Have you tried any MeMeMe products?
Keeks xx

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