Friday, 17 October 2014

The Body Shop Christmas Wishes Showcase

Hellooo lovelies!
Yesterday, I was invited to join Body Shop at their Christmas Wishes Showcase to view some new and limited edition products being released for Christmas! We were also given a tour by the amazing Odette Toilette of the iconic Body Shop Musk fragrances and how they evolved throughout the different eras. It was such a great experience, and not only was the tour filled with beautifully decorated rooms for each fragrance, Odette was fantastic in explaining how the different notes combined to create each fragrance. We even got to sample the different flavours and spices inspiring each perfumes - including the new Red Musk scent (on top of that, we had a sneaky glass of champagne, strawberries, chocolates & other delicious treats!). We also had a little boogie on the musical rug & learned how to flirt 18th century style. Our evening then ended with some exciting goody bags and writing down our Christmas wishes and posting them in the cute red post box for Santa to find!

The Christmas Wishes Showcase highlighted 5 Christmas Wishes to put a smile on everyone's faces:

1. To give the greatest gift of all... Education.
2. To have Christmas every day
3. To give the gift that wows
4. To be oh so indulgent
5. To be the belle of the ball

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Cosmopolitan Blog Awards 2014

Hellooo lovelies!
It's been a long while since my last blog post, you can blame my landlords (as I've said before, student accommodation is a b***h!). So last night I went to the Cosmo Blog Awards & although I didn't win (congratulations to all the winners!), I met some great people, drank A LOT of cocktails & had a real good pamper session!

Being the clumsy girl I am, not only did I forget my glasses AND book the wrong train (blame my flatmate Sabbi :P), I also took the wrong camera lens to the awards... But even with one hand full of Cosmo freebies and another occupied with cocktails, I did manage to snap a few photos so scroll down below if you would like to see what I got up to last night!


MUA Winter Palette Forest Palette

BeautyUK Glacier Gloss

Beauty of London Nail Art Pen

The London Dolls False Lashes

Craze E-Shisha

Brazilian Mud Fabric Face Mask

Deep Heat Odourless Patches

St. Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse

Radox Passion Fruit Splash Shower Gel

Blanx White Shock Tooth Gel Pen

Blanx White Shock Toothpaste

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant

Footners Exfoliating Socks

Pinky Botanical Vodka

Next Earrings & Scarf

Remington Hair Clips


Emily Fruit Crisps

Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins

Keeks xx