Saturday, 26 July 2014

Fijian Water Lotus & Body Sorbets | The Body Shop

Hellooo lovelies.
The Body Shop have released some great products to their already amazing range and I've been lucky enough to try out what's new in stores!

During summer, I like to switch up my body products and instead of using rich body butters, I enjoy using lighter lotion formulas. These body moisturizers are light and fresh, soak into the skin quickly and leave no oily residue behind - perfect for when you're in a rush or in sticky hot weather. They also leave my skin feeling plump and baby soft, kind of like when you apply primer to your face - invisibly soft skin.

The Strawberry Body Sorbet has the classic light and fruity strawberry scent, similar to the body butters & body polishes (which I love). Since I've received this product, I've kept it in the fridge and applied it after a shower. It has an amazing cooling & refreshing effect and actually motivates me to moisturize more often (because I'm lazy and need to be bribed by heavenly products). There are 4 other scents which I'm looking forward to trying next time I'm in the Body Shop store - Mango, Satsuma, Moringa, Pink Grapefruit.

The Fijian Water Lotus Lotion and Eau de Toilette smell refreshing and aquatic, these products literally make me want to go on holiday. The lotion itself looks and feels like the ocean in a bottle and has some great moisturising ingredients (sesame seed oil, Brazil nut oil, sheer butter). They also have a body butter formula for anyone with dry to extra dry skin. I might pop into my local Body Shop and purchase the shower gel because it smells so good and I like using different products in the range to keep the scent lasting longer.

Body Shop also have some great offers on their site so don't miss out!

Get £10 off a £25+ spend
Get £25 off a £50+ spend

Stay tuned for Body Shop's new 2 in 1 Brow/Eye Products & Colour Crush range
Keeks x

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

What's in My Bag? | #1 Random Edition

Hellooo everyone.
I was bored so I decided to clear out my bag and thought about how I love having a nosey through other people's WIMB tags and long story short, I'm doing a What's in my Bag tag!
I've labelled this tag as the Random Edition mainly because this is the least amount of thing's I'll ever have in my bag at once and since I've been moving my things down from university, everything have been separated into like 3 different handbags.. The stress is just... 

I usually have a bottle of water, my glasses and maybe a book/magazine alongside but I took them all out beforehand.

So yeah, a pretty boring insight to the contents of my life however it is what it is and I cannot lie.

What's in your bag?
Send me a link so I can have a quick nosey!

Keeks xx

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Summer Scents ft. Rihanna | Current Favourites

Hellooo lovelies.
During this warm weather, I've been enjoying quite a few fruity and florally summer scents.
Without further ado, let me introduce my top 5 current favorite summer scents!

This is an all time summer favorite that I cannot live without. You know when you never feel safe unless you have something familiar around - this is one of those things. It smells sooo fruity and sweet, perfect for day time strolls, picnics in the park or shopping in Oxford Street. However it can only be purchased in Eau de Toilette and 100ml size & if sweet smells aren't your thing, I'd steer clear.

I looovvveee my mini Miss Dior Chérie, its cute and tiny & fits nicely in my purse or the small pockets of my bag. I'm the worst person to describe a fragrance, everything just smells nice or horrible to me ^.^
I'd say this Dior scent is great for anyone who doesn't like the sweetness of D&G 3. It has that lightness & freshness; however there's a tad more sophistication (perfect for work). Miss Dior Chérie can be purchased in different sizes and variants (EDP, EDT) so it's great as a gift to yourself or a friend/family member.

I have loved Nina ever since I was given my first bottle from my work experience manager in France and my feelings have remained the same for Nina L'eau. They're both sweet and light fragrances, perfect for outdoor summer time & hold similar importance to my D&G 3. The l'eau fragrances are perfect for anyone who hates strong scents or suffers from migraines as they are the weakest forms of parfum compared to EDP & EDT.

Ghost Luminous is a great summer night scent, perfect for outdoor dinners or evening strolls (I say this because it's exactly what I do when I'm on holiday). It's a great holiday scent and it's really affordable too, much like the other fragrances by Ghost. It's one of those things I always find myself taking on holiday because the bottle is simple so there's no faffing around and it's not too expensive so I won't cry if it gets lost or broken.

This new baby made it's way to my top 5 in less than 5 days. I've never really owned any celebrity fragrances nor have I ever tried them out instore so I was really curious as to what a Rihanna fragrance would smell like. When this came through the post, it by far exceeded my expectations! Rogue has a sophisticated floral scent with a slightly spicy kick - I find it really versatile as I can see myself wearing this to work, during the day or even on a night out. The bottle itself is really classy & feminine with nude pink accents and I absolutely love the spikes at the bottom which gives it that completed edgy, Rihanna inspired theme (see further images). This is a more affordable fragrance and with it's different size options, I think this is a great choice to add to your personal collection or to give to someone as a gift. Do try it out next time you're in the fragrance aisle.

What are your current favorite scents?

Keeks xx

Thursday, 17 July 2014

John Freida Dream Curls | Current Haircare

Hellooooo everyone.
Today I'm going to be sharing with you all my current hair care routine & products that I've been consistently using in the shower these past couple of weeks. I've always loved John Freida products as they give my hair that little extra bit of love as opposed to my usual shampoos. I've been an avid user of their Frizz Ease serum for years and last month I branched out and picked up their Miraculous Recovery hair mask and some products from their Dream Curls Range.

I've been trying to stay away from hair straighteners these past few months and just maintain the natural waves/curls in my hair which is why I decided to go for the Dream Curls range. Plus I wanted something that would calm down my ultra frizzy hair.

I really misunderstood the purpose of these products when I purchased them, assuming they would make the hair more curlier. However this is not the case for me. These products don't really curl however they add moisture to the hair which helps keep curls bouncy, shiny and frizz free and in doing so, enhances the natural curls & waves.

My favorite product would have to be the hair mask as it really adds to keeping your hair soft and manageable, I also like using the styling spray to scrunch my hair. The main reason I love these products is because they're are really light and do not weigh your hair down. I also have less frizz & flyaways when I use the John Freida products, which is a plus!

I would definitely purchase these products again as they keep my hair feeling soft, smelling nice and looking frizz free!


If you have curly hair & you're looking to eliminate the frizz and bring out your curls then do give this product a try; however if you have naturally straight hair and you want to make your hair more curly, you're better off looking for something more stronger, e.g. a curling hair mousse or curling serum.

Whilst waiting for the hair mask to set in, brush through your hair very carefully with a wide tooth comb to help detangle any knots


Avoid using too much shampoo on the ends of your hair and focus more on massaging your roots. This is because shampoos (particularly those with sulphates) tend to remove moisture from your hair, causing breakage and split ends.

If you have a lot of split ends, try using a conditioner first to protect the ends of your hair before using a shampoo on your roots. It sounds weird, but it really helps seal some of those split ends.

Avoid using conditioner on the higher parts of your head as it makes your hair greasy quicker and also causes dandruff, itchy scalp etc.

Do you have any current hair routines?
Keeks x

Monday, 14 July 2014

Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos | A Dupe?!

Hellooo lovelies.
During the warmer seasons, I love using longwear, cream shadow formulas and some which I have owned and loved for a while are the Maybelline 24hr Colour Tattoos. They come in 10 pigmented shades including warm shimmers, matte, muted neutrals and also some bright colours.

These cream shadows are really easy to apply - just dot some onto your lids and blend! I tend to use my finger to apply this product as it dries very quickly so I don't have much time to faff around with brushes.

Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoos: Pink Gold, Permanent Taupe, On and On Bronze, Timeless Black

I'm quite boring when it comes to colors on the lids & I usually stick to shimmery/matte pale and earth tones, hence the choice of colors I picked. Because I love these colour tattoos so much, I'm planning to add Eternal Gold, Eternal Silver and Immortal Charcoal to my collection next time I pop into a local Boots/Superdrugs.


• Really pigmented colours
• Long lasting
• Affordable
• Easy to apply
• Perfect for oily lids
• Great base for eyeshadows


• Formula dries really quickly which may bother some people

This stuff seriously stays put once it's dried. I had to scrub the product off with baby wipes and if you can see in the image, there's still product left. Great for long, sweaty summer days or nights out!


Prior to purchasing the Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze, I already owned the MAC Pro Longwear Paintpot in Indianwood. I swatched this product in the MAC store and fell in love. I purchased On and On Bronze online so I didn't swatch it before buying it however it's a great dupe and really affordable too. They look failry different in the packaging; however when applied on the lids they both have a warm golden hue.

In terms of price, the Maybelline Colour Tattoos are way more affordable; however MAC have more than double the amount of shades available. I especially love Indianwood as it's not an ordinary shade, the colour varies between gold and bronze in different lighting. The swatch above does not do it justice, it really is a gorgeous colour that's suitable on any skin tone!

The Colour Tattoos can be purchased in the UK at Boots, Superdrugs, ASOS and other Maybelline stockists so go check it out if you haven't already.

Have you tried any of the colour tattoos or paint pots?
Comment below if you have!

Keeks xx

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Revlon Colourburst Lipbalms

Hellooo lovelies.
Who wants summer ready lips? I dooo & you can too with these awesome Revlon lip balms.

These new crayon formulas have been the craze since Clinique released their Chubby Sticks, however I find that the Revlon balms are more affordable and still have great quality! I love these balms during summer as I like wearing minimal makeup & this cuts down on products - it's a balm and lipstick, gloss or stain in one!

These Revlon lip balms have a fresh, minty scent and come in three different finishes - 

STAIN - a creamy, moisturising hybrid between a lip stain and a balm
LACQUER - a full on glossy balm with moisturising properties
MATTE - a moisturising balm with the pigment & finish of a matte lipstick

I've only got 4 of these balms so far as I lost one, however I'm definitely going to be trying some new shades for the summer. 

Top to Bottom:
Crush (05) Balm Stain; Vivacious (120) Lacquer Balm; Elusive (205) Matte Balm; Demure (105) Lacquer Balm


• Very travel friendly - no sharpener needed, just twist and go
• Fresh minty feel on application
• Product is smooth and glides on easily
• Can be purchased on 3 for 2 or buy 1 get 1 half price offers in Boots, etc.
• Such great pigmentation & long-lasting formula
• So many shades & finishes available


• No bad stuff whatsoever!

These babies can be purchased in drugstores, online and local.I think I purchased all of mine from Boots so I'm going to pop back to see the rest of their colours..

Keeks xx

MAC vs e.l.f Correct & Conceal Palettes

G'day lovelies.
Following on from my previous e.l.f. haul, I've decided to review and compare the e.l.f. pro concealer and corrector palettes against MAC's Pro Conceal and Correct palette.

I've found the e.l.f. palettes to be quite comparable to the MAC palette, even better in some ways...


The e.l.f palettes definitely win this round in terms of affordability. I've done the maths and if I were to purchase the elf conceal and correct palettes in all the shades, it would amount to less than £20 which is still cheaper than the MAC palettes (even more cheaper with their great deals).


I actually find that the e.l.f fomula is creamier and glides on more easily. I'm not sure if I received a dodgy palette, but my MAC concealer palette is a lot more sticker (which as I mentioned before is not like the usual Studio Fix concealers) however this does help with the longevity. 


The e.l.f concealers can be applied with beauty sponges, brushes & fingers; however, I think the MAC palettes work best using fingers. However, the thicker texture of MAC does help the product last longer on the skin than the e.l.f. concealers.


Bonus points go to e.l.f. for including this green toned corrector in their palette. A lot of you beauty boo's are afraid to use green correctors purely because of the colour (which makes perfect sense, who'd want something green on their face right?) However, green correctors are great when you have extra redness on the skin (rosacea, bulging blemishes..) Pop some under your foundation or concealer!


I do love MAC & I always will; however their concealer palette is slightly pricey considering the alternatives. I really wish the other e.l.f. concealer palettes were in stock as I would have purchased them all for a more detailed review; however with 50% off, stock was bound to diminish quickly!

Keeks xx

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Exciting News

Hellooo lovelies...
It's only Tuesday and I've already had a hectic week! I would firstly like to apologize for this delayed post, yesterday I moved all my things down from uni & I spent 2 hours walking up and down stairs (even forgot half my clothes because I was too busy prioritizing my makeup) :/

Anyhooo some of you may know that yesterday Cosmopolitan magazine released their shortlist for the Cosmo Blog Awards and (drum roll please...) I've made the shortlist for Best New Beauty Blog!

Current Favourites: Chocolate Buttons & Dried Cranberries, MAC Creme Cup & my new book :)

So to everyone who has voted, supported & congratulated me, I would like to thank you and give you all the hugs in the world; I'm hopefully going to be posting some exciting content for you all soon. I never imagined to even get this far in my third month of blogging & to be listed amongst some great & experienced bloggers is a huge milestone so thanks again!

However the voting is not over, and I need your support for the final award! So please vote for this blog as Best New Beauty Blog by clicking on the image above or by visiting the following link:

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find some cool blog layouts? I've enjoyed doing all the HTML and shizz but my blog feels a bit naked now that it's listed on Cosmo lol ^-^.

Keeks xx