Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Natural Pink & Nude Polishes

Hellooo lovelies!
It's been so long since my last post *blush* if you've seen my Pale Pink, Rose Gold and Nude Tones blog post last month, you'd know how obsessed I've been over the more pale colours recently! These days I'm not wearing much colour on my nails either and I've been on the search for some pretty pale pink polishes. I was browsing on Fragrance Direct and found some amazing Essie & Orly polishes for a bargain so I just had to share them with you all.


I've never really focused on the the packaging of a nail polish before but with the Essie & Orly polishes being so different to each other, I'll share my thoughts with you all. The Orly polishes have a rubber cap, which I think feels a little weird but it does help with grip when struggling to unscrew those bottles. Although the Essie polishes don't have a rubber top, the imprinted Essie logo on the bottle does help with grip and personally I think the iconic square Essie bottles look a lot more cuter.


I love love love the brush on Essie polishes, they are wide, flat and make application so much more easier, even and precise. The Orly brush however to me isn't really appealing, it's quite thin which makes it harder for even application and coverage. As the shades which I bought were quite sheer, both polishes took around 3 coats for more or less opaque colour. Both polishes dried fairly quick however I was packing on the layers so it took a lot longer for 3 coats to completely dry.


The Orly polishes I purchased were £1.99 and the Essie polishes were £2.49 but Orly polishes have 18ml worth of product and Essie only have 13.5ml. However considering these prices are a lot more cheaper than RRP, I would definitely repurchase Essie polishes because they just ticked all the boxes for me!



Keeks xx

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