Friday, 17 April 2015

One Night in London with All Time Low

Disclaimer- Content heavy post

I haven't blogged about any concerts before which kinda sucks because 2014 was probably the highlight of my life (in terms of concert-attending if that's a word "_). The typical broke students we are, me and my flatmates decided to spend all our money last year on concert tickets but I have to admit, it was hella worth it! So from now on I'm going to blog about all the concerts I am lucky to go to because I love reading about other peoples experiences and well, I love music. My choice of music however is extremely varied, I like pretty much everything with only a few exceptions (heavy metal, techno...) meh. Like legit, the next tickets I wanted to buy were for J Cole in May but unfortunately I don't think I'll get to go...


Anyway, me and Sabbi (the flatmate) bought seated tickets to All Time Low's 'One Night in London' concert on the 20th March 2015. It was at the Wembley SSE Arena which is a smaller venue compared to Wembley stadium, but I like that because you can actually see the performances better (and even though it's smaller, it's still huge!). Because I've got anxiety, I usually prefer getting seated tickets, especially in stadium/arena locations because I hate the fear of being squashed or trapped in a crowd where there is little space to move (better off seated than passed out and being hauled over security's shoulders I always say). Plus the tickets Sabbi scored us were amazing - we were so close to the stage, we could actually see the band and all body parts remained successfully intact. We were late by like 2 minute because I wasn't allowed to take my DSLR into the venue (something about a maximum lens size) so we missed the first half of Love Like War *cry face* and unfortunately all photos/videos were taken with an iPhone. Luckily the receptionists were willing to look after people's belongings so I guess that was okay. I don't really remember the entire setlist but I found it a copy online from www.setlist.fm.

1. A Love Like War**
2. Lost in Stereo
3. Six Feet Under the Stars**
4. Hereos
5. Stella*
6. Somewhere in Neverland**
7. The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver*
8. Weightless**
9. Remembering Sunday (ft. Cassadee Pope)**
10. Therapy**
11. Kids in the Dark
12. Guts**
13. Outlines (ft. Josh Franceschi)
14. Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don't)**
15. Forget About It
16. Backseat Serenade*
17. Time Bomb**
18. Something's Gotta Give*
19. The Reckless and the Brave*
20. Jasey Rae
21. Dear Maria, Count Me In*

The marked songs are ones which I like the most and the double marked songs are the ones which, if they didn't play, I would have cried. Personally, I wish the following songs were included: For Baltimore, If These Sheets Were the States, Vegas, and Stay Awake, because they are some of my favorites too. The setlist overall was pretty on point but I went to their concert last year at the 02 Academy Brixton and I think that setlist was 100% perfect. Although I'm not a religious punk/rock fan, I actually really like ATL and I've seen them a few times. A little off-topic but I mentioned before that I have anxiety and a few people know how bad I get when travelling and usually blasting ATL through my earphones helps ALOT.

The concert was only for one night only and I believe it was being recorded for All Time Low's DVD which I'm excited to see hopefully this year. Would love to see what I look like, makeup pouring down my face, sweating like a beast and screaming song lyrics haha #concertlife

Have you guys got any experiences to share?
Keeks xx

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