Friday, 27 February 2015

Rogue Love by Rihanna

I remember raving about my first Rihanna perfume last summer and even ended up purchasing a second bottle due to it's uniqueness to my other fragrances and the affordable price tag (which isn't usually the case for EDP's). This year, Riri has released dare I say it an even better perfume which goes by the name of ROGUE LOVE. It follows the same classy, feminine theme with the rose gold accent and a touch of edginess with inverted rose gold spikes. 

Rogue Love is slightly more sweeter scent than the original fragrance, but is still light enough for everyday wear. If I had to choose, I'd wear Rogue Love during the day due to its light, sweet fragrance and Rogue in the evening for that musky & spicy kick. I'm quite open to different scents and find myself liking at least 8 out of 10 fragrances however if you're considering this as a gift, Rogue Love would be perfect for teens/younger girls and Rogue would be better suited for mature women. The only downsides to the fragrances are elements of the packaging, I think the fragrance would look better if the words by Rihanna weren't printed on the bottle and maybe avoid printing her face on the box too? Am I crazy?! But I guess these are just personal preference issues as some people might not care at all.



Top Notes; Lemon Blossom, Cyclamen, Bergamot, Pink Peppercorn
Middle Notes: Jasmine, Muguet, Rose, Plum, Suede
Base Notes: Musk, Woods, Patchouli, Vanilla, Amber


Top Notes: Mandarin, Berry, Peach
Middle Notes: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Honeysuckle, Coconut, Orchid
Base Notes: Creamy Woods, Amber, Caramel, Vanilla


Rogue EDP 30ml - £23 | 75ml - £33 | 125ml - £44
Rogue Love EDP 30ml - £23 | 75ml - £30 | 125ml - £40

Keeks xx

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Sunday Steals: It's A PRIMARGENCY!

Moving backwards and forwards from uni gets so confusing sometimes as I always ending forgetting some essentials in one place or the other. I came home to London for the weekend and ended up forgetting my brow & blush brushes, eyelash curlers, amongst many other things. Luckily I live quite close to my local Primark and although the quality may not be to a high standard, I was able to pick up some inexpensive girl aids.

Lint Roller & Replacement Head £1.50
Brush Set £1
Lash Curler £1
Bra First Aid Kit £4

There are quite a few number of people who dislike shopping at Primark and to be honest, I can see why; the never-ending ques, lack of ventilation, and the piles of products laying around everywhere. It gets really stressful to shop in there and eventually I put everything down, give up and leave. However, I've noticed that shopping in Primark is really not that bad if you go early. Between 9-11am, everything is clean and tidy, you can take your time to browse and even make it to the changing rooms!

So if you're ever in need of a temporary replacement, don't forget to check your local Primark!
Keeks xx

Friday, 13 February 2015

Gift Guide #2 The Indecisive Interior Decorator

Is it me or does anyone else go through phases where you just want to redo the decor in your house and move everything around? I love buying new pieces for the home and also window shop for future home ideas (is that weird?) Home decor can be the perfect gift idea for especially if you know the recipient has being eyeing a particular piece for a while. However it can also be quite expensive depending on where you shop hence why I listed a few favorite, affordable places to shop and also some gift ideas which you can put together for the home decor lovers.



Plant Pot (£1,90) HERE
Milk Bottle Vase (£1) HERE
Crushed Glass Decoration (£1.75) HERE
Silver Mosaic Tea Light Holder (£3) HERE
Silver/Gold/Rose Gold Candles (£1.50-£2.50) HERE
3 Wick Candle Tin (£3.50) HERE
Bird Cage Fairy Lights (£6) HERE





Happy home decor hunting...
Keeks xx

Monday, 9 February 2015

Gift Guide #1 The Serial Stresser

What is the perfect gift for someone who is constantly on their feet or with a million and one thoughts whizzing through their mind every second? We all know a serial stresser or two (hands up if you're guilty) who seriously do not understand the meaning of relaxation. So what better way to treat those Serial Stressers this Valentines Day than pairing up these heavenly scented bath bombs with a book and maybe a glass of wine or two in the bathtub? I picked up Space Girl bath bomb and Creamy Candy bubble bar which are some of my all time favorite from LUSH. The cute little cupcake and glittery disco bath bombs were both Christmas gifts which I've held back from using because they're too too pretty. LUSH also have some seasonal Valentine's Day products which look and smell amazing, and would be perfect as a Valentine's Day gift for that special someone.


Bath Bombs

✓ Affordable
✓ Smell Amazing
✓ Look Amazing
✓ Perfect for D.I.Y Gift Sets
✓ Perfect for Instagram-ing 


Keeks xx