Monday, 9 February 2015

Gift Guide #1 The Serial Stresser

What is the perfect gift for someone who is constantly on their feet or with a million and one thoughts whizzing through their mind every second? We all know a serial stresser or two (hands up if you're guilty) who seriously do not understand the meaning of relaxation. So what better way to treat those Serial Stressers this Valentines Day than pairing up these heavenly scented bath bombs with a book and maybe a glass of wine or two in the bathtub? I picked up Space Girl bath bomb and Creamy Candy bubble bar which are some of my all time favorite from LUSH. The cute little cupcake and glittery disco bath bombs were both Christmas gifts which I've held back from using because they're too too pretty. LUSH also have some seasonal Valentine's Day products which look and smell amazing, and would be perfect as a Valentine's Day gift for that special someone.


Bath Bombs

✓ Affordable
✓ Smell Amazing
✓ Look Amazing
✓ Perfect for D.I.Y Gift Sets
✓ Perfect for Instagram-ing 


Keeks xx

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