Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Winterssentuals | January Favourites

Throughout December I was enjoying island sunshine and managed to escape the winter blues for a while (still got roasted under the sun though #fail). Unfortunately winter has caught up to me and it hasn't been nice. But to help me fight the harsh winter winds, I've found myself frequently reaching out for these products & sharing them with you may also alleviate your winter blues...

Symptoms of the Winter Skin Blues:

- face crumbling off
- bran flake lips
-sandpaper hands


The Body Shop Shea Shower Cream 250ml (£4) HERE

I love that this Body Shop shower cream is soap-free as it doesn't dry out my skin as much as my normal shower gels. Pair this with the nutty-fresh scent and moisturizing goodness of Shea and you have the perfect winter body wash.

Topicrem SOS Repair Body Cream 200ml (£4) HERE

I discovered the Topicrem brand from my aunt last year who was prescribed it by her dermatologist as an everyday body lotion for extra dry skin. I switch between the cream and lotion, the lotion is lighter (better for summer) and the cream is more denser. Aside from winter, I have really dry skin anyway so I like to keep backups of this.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil 125ml (£14) HERE

I love using dry oil formulas during winter because it's freezing enough as it is and I hate having to waste time naked and shivering in the bathroom just to cream my body with that icy cold lotion (TMI?!). Read more about this product...

Burts Bee's Lemon Cuticle Cream 15g (£5.99) HERE

Winter always has a harsh effect on my hands, they get dryer and more wrinkly so I try to moisturize them as much as possible. Before I paint my nails I use a cotton bud/Q-tip and moisturize the cuticle area with this heavenly lemon scented cream to prevent any peeling.

Carmex Original Lip Pot 7g (£2.69) HERE

Another one of my all-time favorites; I have a multiple of these in various different locations and I've even been given the odd look in exam halls when this ends up on my table. It's the perfect consistence; not too glossy and perfect for chapped lips. To put this simply... I cannot live without Carmex.


Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 200ml (£2.99) HERE

This is probably one of my all time repurchased items; it's inexpensive, easy to use and does the job perfectly. I always make sure I've got a few of these stocked up at home and at uni. I've been heavily relying on dry shampoos these days because washing my hair in the cold and early mornings is just a no no sometimes. The tropical scent has been my favorite recently as it reminds me of my holiday to the islands. Read more about this product...

SACHAJUAN Protective Hair Perfume 50ml (£40) HERE

Similarly to Batiste, I use this hair perfume on days where my hair needs a refreshing boost because it smells heavenly. Plus my hair is quite porous and absorbs scents easily (cooking is a struggle) so having this product around is quite useful, especially if I have to leave the house in a rush and don't have any time to wash my hair. I'll be posting a more detailed review of this product soon.

Fushi Organic Argan Oil 100ml (£13) HERE

As opposed to my overnight coconut oil mask, I've recently started switching it up and using different oils every once in a while. The argan oil is one of my new favorites as it's a lot more absorbent and also washes out more easily.

La Roche-Posay Pigmentclar Eye Cream 15ml (£24.50) HERE

A fairly recent addition to my skincare range which I have been loving. This moisturises under my eyes well and is a perfect base for my concealer. Read more about this product...


NARS Sheer Glow Foundation 30ml (£30.50) HERE

NARS Sheer Glow is not only my favorite winter foundation but one of my all time loves. The name represents nothing of the foundation which is quite odd as it gives the impression of a dewy finish. I love this foundation for many reasons, most important it being the perfect balance for my imperfect skin. I find that in winter, some foundations highlight dry areas on the face and once you get into a warm environment, ends up looking quite oily. I don't have this problem with the NSG however I only like this foundation when applying it with a sponge/Beauty Blender. When I first bought the NSG, I used it with a foundation brush and absolutely hated the results. But I found that dabbing the product with a slightly damp sponge gives an even, immaculate finish. I would recommend buying a pump as so much product has leaked into the lid and caused a wasted mess.

Benefit That Gal Primer 11ml (£22.50) HERE

This is one of my favorite primers, I actually prefer it more than the Porefessional. It's non-drying and the pinky-peach tone helps brighten my dull winter complexion. I also like the unique applicator but it's a little pricey for only 11ml of product.

MAC Studio Finish Concealer 7g (£15.50) HERE

Yet another all time favorite, surprise surprise... I usually switch between this and the MAC pro-long wear concealer but as my skin is more dry in the winter, the MPLW appears cakey and also dries out my skin whereas the studio finish glides on smoothly. I also use the NW30 shade as it corrects any pigmented areas on my face, e.g. under the eyes and around the mouth.  

What are your favourite winter skincare & makeup products?
Keeks xx

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