Monday, 1 September 2014

Micellar Water Wars

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As some of you may know, I went for a mini trip to Paris a while back and picked up a few goodies, some of which included these new Micellar Water solutions everyone's been raving about (another great French skincare creation, these guys are on a roll!). What is Micellar Water some of you may ask?  The water solution contains little surfactants which are good at trapping small particles of oil, etc. hence why they're great makeup removers - it's essentially soapy water but gentle enough it doesn't require any rinsing. I could try to explain this in more scientific detail, but I assure you guys, I will fail ^-^

Science aside, the reason I love these Micellar water solutions is because they are so much more gentle on the skin yet more effective at removing makeup. I also love the idea of using a makeup remover that looks like water, it seems much more gentle than lotions & washes. As far as I'm aware, most micellar water solutions are free of alcohol and soap ingredients, which is perfect for my extra sensitive skin. I've compiled a small list of micellar water's which I've come across and given them all a test. To hear my verdict, keep reading!

The Bioderma makeup remover was one of the first micellar water solutions I heard about & it's still raved today by make up artists & beauty bloggers. Surprisingly, this is my least favorite out of them all! It is supposed to be for extra dry & sensitive skin, and although it worked fine on my eye makeup, it didn't really get on with the rest of my face. Considering there are cheaper alternatives that I prefer more, I don't see myself picking up another bottle of this one, but they have trial sizes if you want to give it a try!

La Roche Posay has always been one of my favorite French skincare brands, mainly because they stock the only sunscreen I've ever tried which doesn't break me out. It has a very subtle fragrance to it, which I like, and it's also non-comedogenic. This is a tad more expensive compared to the Bioderma, but I prefer this formulation much more than the Bioderma.

DAT PUMP DOE! I don't know if the same packaging is available in the US stores, but this new pump feature is so easy and efficient, one of the reasons I really like the Sephora cleansing water - you just push a cotton pad onto the nozzle and it dispenses just the right amount of product. An assistant on the Sephora makeup counters used it on me when I was trying out foundations & it felt so light on the skin. It also has a lovely fresh scent, and the pump just about pushes it to second place!

Last but not least, the winner of the Micellar Water Wars! The Garnier cleansing water wins all rounds, it's fragrance free, easily available and affordable! Removing makeup is an everyday essential so all we really need is something quick, cheap and easy - all the products are essentially the same & there's no point spending so much when they all provide the same uses. If you want to give Micellar Cleansing Waters a go, give this one a try first as it's always on offer & even suits my combination, sensitive skin!

Some more of the many Micellar Water Solutions you may want to try:




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