Friday, 4 July 2014

MAC vs e.l.f Studio Powder Foundations

Hellooo lovelies.
As some of you may know, I recently posted my e.l.f haul where I found quite a few dupes with very inexpensive price tags, one of these products being the e.l.f studio pressed powder. I found the pressed powder very comparable to the MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation, which is one of my all time favorite products.

MAC Studio Fix Plus Powder Foundation (15g) RRP £23
e.l.f. Studio Pressed Powder (9g) RRP £3.95



In terms of cost, the e.l.f. pressed powder is obviously a lot more cheaper (around 6x cheaper!). I must admit, the MAC foundation is quite pricey for an everyday foundation so when I'm on a budget, e.l.f is definitely the way to go.


Both powders have black, compact packaging and they both come with applicators which makes it travel friendly. The MAC packaging does have a more luxurious, silky texture & also feels more durable which is important when purchasing powdered products (you don't want it to smash).


Both powders feels creamy, velvety & are quite pigmented. The MAC foundation powder is suitable for all skin types (except maybe very dry skin); however the e.l.f. powder may work better on normal/oily skin types.


I usually throw away the sponge applicators provided with powders; however the MAC & e.l.f. applicators compliment the powders really well. For the MAC powder, I like using sponge applicators as the coverage is good compared to when I use a powder brush. As for the e.l.f. powder, I prefer using it with my Real Techniques All Over Face Brush as it picks up more of the powder. Avoid dipping your fingers into the MAC powder as not only is it unhygienic; the oil from your fingertips damage the product.


The MAC powders have a far more larger range of shades than the e.l.f. powders. I purchased the darkest three e.l.f powders & they all seem to have a very cool, pink undertone - which doesn't really compliment all skin tones.


The only problem I have with the e.l.f. powders are the limited range of colours); other than that they're a great dupe for the MAC powder foundation. The e.l.f. powders would be great for someone with lighter skin, cool or neutral undertones or for those looking to brighten/counteract yellow, sallowing skin undertones. If you have ashy, greyish pigmentation like me (e.g. around your mouth), I would avoid using the e.l.f powders as it highlights the pigmentation more.

Hope this has helped!
Keeks xx


  1. This is a great comparison post. I love the MAC powder so now I'm really curious to try the elf powder as by the sounds of it, it would be perfect for my skin tone.

    Beth x

    1. Definitely give it a try if you purchase from e.l.f. I'm so happy I found it! xx