Wednesday, 9 July 2014

MAC vs e.l.f Correct & Conceal Palettes

G'day lovelies.
Following on from my previous e.l.f. haul, I've decided to review and compare the e.l.f. pro concealer and corrector palettes against MAC's Pro Conceal and Correct palette.

I've found the e.l.f. palettes to be quite comparable to the MAC palette, even better in some ways...


The e.l.f palettes definitely win this round in terms of affordability. I've done the maths and if I were to purchase the elf conceal and correct palettes in all the shades, it would amount to less than £20 which is still cheaper than the MAC palettes (even more cheaper with their great deals).


I actually find that the e.l.f fomula is creamier and glides on more easily. I'm not sure if I received a dodgy palette, but my MAC concealer palette is a lot more sticker (which as I mentioned before is not like the usual Studio Fix concealers) however this does help with the longevity. 


The e.l.f concealers can be applied with beauty sponges, brushes & fingers; however, I think the MAC palettes work best using fingers. However, the thicker texture of MAC does help the product last longer on the skin than the e.l.f. concealers.


Bonus points go to e.l.f. for including this green toned corrector in their palette. A lot of you beauty boo's are afraid to use green correctors purely because of the colour (which makes perfect sense, who'd want something green on their face right?) However, green correctors are great when you have extra redness on the skin (rosacea, bulging blemishes..) Pop some under your foundation or concealer!


I do love MAC & I always will; however their concealer palette is slightly pricey considering the alternatives. I really wish the other e.l.f. concealer palettes were in stock as I would have purchased them all for a more detailed review; however with 50% off, stock was bound to diminish quickly!

Keeks xx

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