Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Exciting News

Hellooo lovelies...
It's only Tuesday and I've already had a hectic week! I would firstly like to apologize for this delayed post, yesterday I moved all my things down from uni & I spent 2 hours walking up and down stairs (even forgot half my clothes because I was too busy prioritizing my makeup) :/

Anyhooo some of you may know that yesterday Cosmopolitan magazine released their shortlist for the Cosmo Blog Awards and (drum roll please...) I've made the shortlist for Best New Beauty Blog!

Current Favourites: Chocolate Buttons & Dried Cranberries, MAC Creme Cup & my new book :)

So to everyone who has voted, supported & congratulated me, I would like to thank you and give you all the hugs in the world; I'm hopefully going to be posting some exciting content for you all soon. I never imagined to even get this far in my third month of blogging & to be listed amongst some great & experienced bloggers is a huge milestone so thanks again!

However the voting is not over, and I need your support for the final award! So please vote for this blog as Best New Beauty Blog by clicking on the image above or by visiting the following link:

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find some cool blog layouts? I've enjoyed doing all the HTML and shizz but my blog feels a bit naked now that it's listed on Cosmo lol ^-^.

Keeks xx

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