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Sleek Makeup Staples

Last year, I had a massive haul on the Sleek makeup website but ended up giving half of it to my mum when I went on holiday (I'm just so nice ). The other half stayed in it's packaging because I thought I didn't have any purpose for it.. Boyy was I wrong!!

Sleek cosmetics are available in the UK at Boots, Superdrugs & the Sleek website.


RRP: £9.99
Face Form is a combination of 3 products in 1 and lucky for us, it comes in four shades (light, fair, medium, dark). The light and fair palettes include a contour powder, highlighter and a blush whereas the medium and dark palettes come with the contour powder, highlighter and a bronzer. These babies are great for contour pro's AND newbies so don't be shy!

With flash

Without flash
I have the Medium shade and it's perfect for me (NC42/NC43 MAC). I love this product and I use it nearly everyday to lightly contour and highlight my skin. The formula is silky, velvety and really pigmented so it's great during the day or on a night out.

The only downside is that I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers so I usually use the bronzer as an eyeshadow. Speaking of which, these colours are also great to use on the eyes too. When I want something natural and not so fancy, I use the highlighter on the inner eye area and the contour/bronzer on the outer eye area - multi-function at it's best!

With flash (unblended)

Without flash (unblended)



RRP: £6.49
Face Form's baby sister, the Sleek Contour Kit is a smaller, travel friendly version including a contour powder and highlighter. It comes in 3 shades (light, medium and dark). Prior to using it, I wasn't aware of how similar it was to Face Form.

With flash
Without flash

As you can see in the image below, both palettes have the same contour and highlight shade, the only differences are the addition of the bronzer in Face Form and the prices. As I mentioned previously, the shimmery bronzer isn't really for me so my ideal choice is the Contour Kit (it's also cheaper & travel-friendly). However, those of you who do enjoy the shimmery bronzer can opt for Face Form.

Sleek Contour Kit (Medium) vs Sleek Face Form (Medium)
To see the light contour kit, check my previous post 'Bronzed and Beaming Day Look'. 


RRP: £8.49
The best drugstore brow product ever! This kit resembles Benefit Browzings but it's much more affordable whilst still doing a great job (what more could you ask for). It comes in 4 shades (light, dark, extra dark, black) and the kit includes brow wax, setting powder, two mini brushes and a pair of tweezers.

With flash

Without flash
Compared to my e.l.f brow palette, this one is much more pigmented and the packaging is better quality. I'm not too fussed over bad packaging if the product does it's job; however the Sleek brow kit is better overall. The wax is creamy, pigmented and buildable so I can use this during the day and on a night out. It stays put with the setting powder so don't worry girls, you won't lose your brows by the end of the night!

With flash

Without flash
For those of you who don't like using black brow products because it's too dark/heavy, Extra Dark is what I use and it's the perfect shade!

Mini brushes - cute for travelling, not so cute for sausage fingers like mine .


RRP: £7.99
These eyeshadow palettes are great value for money! Girlies who want affordable Urban Decay dupes, look no further as these palettes have 12 shades in each palette. There are 16 different palettes so there will definitely be something for everyone. 

With Flash

Without flash
I currently only own the Au Naturel palette because I'm still using my Naked 2 & 3 but I'm hoping to buy Storm and Oh So Special some time soon. I chose this palette because it has a good couple of shadows I could use as a base and there are also a variation of mattes and shimmers. I'm not a big fan of colour shadows on a daily basis so this palette is perfect for everyday wear. 

The top row of shadows are not as dark as the bottom row; however I use this to my advantage as they work as perfect base shadows for layering and they do show up on my eyes.

Do you have any Sleek Staples which you could reccomend?
Comment below!
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