Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Depotting Lipsticks for Dummies

I'm a massive fan of DIYs and all that creative stuff because it brings me back to those childhood days where making cards and bracelets were more special than buying them, etc etc. I'm not a particularly good artist (even my stick men end up with dodgy legs) but I do love a DIY challenge (not that depotting lipstick is a challenge haha)...

The point is I've decided to throw some DIY posts into the mix and see how it goes.

Have you ever had moments where you've lost the lid of your favorite lipstick or you ran out of storage slots? Or maybe you own about 200 different lipsticks and have no space for all of them?

I got these container pots from eBay in a set of 10 for under £2 (affordable and reusable yay!)

So the product below is one of my holy grail lip products - Revlon Colourburst Crayon Balm Stain (what a mouthful) in Crush (05). I lost the lid on a night out and bought a new one straight away so I've decided it's time to depot the old one and show you guys how I do it.

So the first step is to twist the product until it reaches to the top. Once you've twisted the product all the way, use a knife or a scalpel to cut straight down the majority of the product and place into your pot.

Use something smaller to dig out the remaining product inside the packaging.

Part of me wishes I could depot all of my lipsticks but I love them too much! I've been loving using my ColourBurst balm from the pot, it's crazy how much of a difference it actually makes!

You may want to consider labeling the pots with a sticker for reference or just in case you want to repurchase the product later on.

TIP: If you want the product to sit flat in the container, warm in up for about 15 seconds approximately and let it cool down.

Let me know how you get on & don't forget to vote in the Cosmo Blog Awards (hint hint :P)

Keeks xx

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