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Bare Minerals Get Started Kit

I purchased one of the Bare Minerals kits a couple of years ago but I felt like it wasn't really for me at the time. Recently, they introduced some new products to their range which I had tried and liked so I thought I'd give the foundations another go!

I purchased the Get Started Complexion kit in Tan and also bought a full sized Original Mineral Foundation in Golden Tan (W30) to compare the differences in colour.


Original SPF 15 Foundation in Tan(N30) and Medium Tan(C30) (2g each)
Tinted Mineral Veil finishing powder (2g)
Prime Time Foundation Primer (15ml)
Warmth All-Over Face Color (1.5g)
Full Flawless Face Brush
Flawless Application Face Brush
Light Stroke Brush
How-To DVD (I threw mine away 'cause I'm badass haha)

The brushes have natural bristles which are great for loose powder products but the hairs tend to shed so they must be well maintained.

Each container comes sealed and has a resealable lock to prevent product fall out once the product has been opened. 


Using the full face brush, pick up some product, I usually use what's left on the inside of the lid (if there's any). Knowing me, I always pick up too much!

Swirl into the lid and tap off any excess.

Many people underestimate the coverage power of mineral products. As you can see in the image below, I used a fair little amount of product and it still had decent coverage on my acne scars.

(left: before & right: after)

I also think some people misjudge the concept of mineral products; they are powders however they can be used on any skin type. The Original foundations get very oily on my skin after a couple of hours so I always retouch with the Mineral Veil (I'm considering purchasing the Matte formula).

(left to right): Medium Tan (C30), Tan (N30), Goldem Tan (W30), Tinted Mineral Veil, Warmth All Over Face Colour

As my skin has yellow/olive undertones, I prefer the C30 and the W30 as the N30 is too pinkish for me.

Prime Time (15ml)
I think the primer actually works well in blurring imperfections. I only ever use the foundation with the primer and without it, my face gets oily quicker and the powder sticks to the dry patches on my skin.

The Warmth All Over Face Colour is an amazing warm brown bronzer. A little of this goes a very long way and it's a great cheat for getting your friends to think you've got that holiday tan!



Great colour range on the website (warm, neutral & cool tones)
Buildable coverage
Suitable for various skin types
Non-cakey, natural finish
Light on the skin
Original and Matte formulas availabe
Kits are great value for money
Handy how-to DVD


Kit only includes cool & neutral toned foundations (had to purchase full sized warm foundation)

Remember to check that the products you've purchased have a product code! Don't settle for imitation products!


I really like these mineral foundations and I know they're going to be my go to products during summer however for now only I'm only using them during my 'good skin' periods as I have a lot of acne scarring and I feel like the product sits unevenly on those areas of my face. 

bareMinerals ORIGINAL SPF15 Foundation (8g) - RRP £25
Have you tried any Bare Minerals products? Comment below on your experience!

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