Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Stop and Stare

Hellooo lovelies.
This post is somewhat different to the usual product reviews and a bit more of a catchup with you all. The weather's been good these past few days and it's been great waking up to the sun peaking through my window as opposed to grey and gloomy skies.

 This little chat is merely a reminder that we all overwork ourselves too much on a daily basis, whether its our jobs, exams or purely stressing out our brains and in the end we end up missing out on the good things, big and small. This year has been hectic enough for some and we're only 6 months in with a lot more to come. So instead of frantically worrying about the future, take some time out, a week, a day or even a minute and relax.

I like poking my head out the window for some fresh air when I'm stuck indoors revising.. Ahh the little things in life..

 Read some magazines and take your mind off whatever it is stressing you, magazines are great for whether you have 10 minutes to yourself or an hour. I've subscribed to the annual Cosmopolitan and Women's Health magazines as its always a nice surprise when it comes through the postbox and it work out cheaper than buying individual magazines. Cosmopolitan is definitely one of my favorites, they have every bit of girly gossip, advice and man candy you could ever wish for.

Meditation - some of my friends think I'm crazy and weird (what's new) but meditation is an amazing way to relax yourself. Some people assume meditation is praying but it's far from that, it's more like testing your ability to concentrate on what's in front of you and block everything else out. Lay a mat outdoors or even in your room, close your eyes,  take a couple deep breaths and let all your thoughts whiz around your brain. The trick is to think about everything and nothing, don't let any thoughts stay longer than they should.

P.S. I'm very aware of how crazy I might sound, however,  if you're an overly stressed person like me, you get crazy so sit back, relax and deal with things as they come.

I hope you guys enjoyed the talk, the comment box is always available for any of your thoughts!

Keeks xx

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