Sunday, 8 June 2014

NYX Nude Matte Shadows

Hellooo lovelies.
I wanted to tell you guys about these NYX eyeshadows I used on Friday when I went to the One Direction concert (yes, it's true, I went to the One Direction concert :P). I've had these shadows for ages and only just realised that they're great dupes for the MAC eyeshadows!

left to right: Underneath It All (NMS10), Haywire (NMS19), Stripped (NMS02)

After losing my brand new MAC Brun eyeshadow pan (which cost me £9!), I decided to steer away from MAC shadows and searched for some cheaper alternatives. I came across the BH palettes and these NYX shadows (which I wasn't aware was sold in the UK until now so great news for me). Although I love the variety of colours you get in a BH palette, there are so many colours I don't use, it's not that pigmented and the packaging is pretty bulky for the 10 shades I use which is why these NYX shadows are perfect for me.

There are 21 shades in the Nude Matte Shadow range and they also have a Glam Shadow range with shimmery shadows. If you're a MAC shadow lover or if you're looking for great quality matte dupes, this is definitely something you should try out! I've only got 3 shades from this range as I originally purchased them as brow products, however once I've applied for my 15% student discount (yes NUS students get 15% aren't we lucky), I'm planning to buy more shades (amongst many other things) as these shadows are very pigmented and great value for money!

left to right: with flash, without flash
Underneath It All (NMS10): muted beige/taupe colour, similar to MAC Omega
Haywire (NMS19): muted taupe/grey colour, similar to MAC Copperplate
Strippled (NMS02): matte black, similar to MAC Carbon

The NYX Nude Matte Shadows can be purchased online on the NYX website and if you're a student don't forget to apply for the discount:

Have you tried any of the NYX shadows or any other NYX products which you recommend?
Let me know in the comments below!

Keeks xx

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