Monday, 2 March 2015

Batiste Dry Conditioning Mist

I was given the Batiste Conditioning Mist in a care package a few months back and it has become a sequel to the infamous Dry Shampoos (read more). After discovering the existence of dry shampoos, I assumed things couldn't get better in the hair department in terms of quick and easy styling. Batiste, however, have proven me wrong yet again. How amazing is it that the product which eliminates excess oil from the scalp have created has a part two which eliminates dryness from the ends?!

I have that greasy roots but dry ends kinda hair and this is the perfect in between product. Using serums post dry shampoo makes my locks really greasy and if I go cold turkey, my ends are straw dry. The mist leaves my hair feeling softer, more manageable but without the heaviness of a hair serum.

•  This product is intended for dry hair (not wet)
• May work for thin/thick hair with dry, brittle ends, frizz or flyaways
• Non-greasy compared to serums and hair oils
• Perfect compliment to the original dry shampoos; however may appear a little greasy if combined with Batiste Strength & Shine, Care & Vitality or Nourish & Enrich as they all hold moistening properties.

Keeks xx

Batiste Dry Conditioning Mist 200ml (RRP £3.99) HERE

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