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KeraStraight Hair Treatment | Salon International 2014 Part 1

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I'm ashamed to admit how long it's been since my last post!
Last month, I was invited to Salon International 2014 exhibition for a complimentary hair treatment at the Kerastraight stand. I was given the Intense Boost treatment which was only 30 minutes long. The process was extremely simple, all I had to do was sit back and relax whilst the lovely hairdressers took care of my hair.


This 30 minute treatment claims to "repair, rehydrate and renew hair from the inside out" and also claims to "rebuild what the hair lacks and lock in moisture and strength for up to 30 days". The treatment is in-salon and retails for approximately £25.


| STAGE 1 |

As you can see from the before picture, I have quite dry, frizzy hair which does lack a lot of moisture (I can literally hear crunch sounds when I press the ends of my hair together) - hence why I was really excited to try this treatment (also because I love a good pamper)
. The process was fairly quick (30-45 mins tops) as opposed to the Ultimate treatment (which I would like to also try one day). The stylist washed & prepped my hair, then started combing and straightening the product into my hair. Once the treatment had finished, I chose to leave the treatment in my hair (although I was really tempted with a curly blow out) as the stylist mentioned the treatment would have more time to penetrate the hair, thus making it more effective. My hair was silky, smooth and soft. One major plus - the treatment smelled lovely and nothing like harsh chemicals!

| STAGE 2 |

I washed my hair the following day with my complimentary Straight Maintain Shampoo, conditioned with the Straight Maintain Conditioner, and also spritzed some Moisture Mist into my damp hair. The first thing I noticed was that my hair was a little more softer & smoother than usual; however it wasn't an intense change. My hair also took a little longer to dry, so I'm assuming the moisture element of the treatment was somewhat successful. Although not a strong one, I wasn't too keen on the scent of the Moisture Mist, however it was a little more bearable after the product settled. I noticed the effects of the treatment once I used heat on my hair. Where my straight hair would usually remain frizzy and tangled, it felt a lot more softer, sleeker and manageable I also liked that my split ends were a lot less noticeable than usual and I didn't even have to use any setting products after!

| STAGE 3 |

It's now been 23 days since the Intense Boost treatment and although my hair is somewhat still softer than pre-treatment, I can see that my hair is starting to go back to normal. Although I'm a little disappointed that I noticed these changes before the 30 days were up, I'm still shocked the treatment managed to last this long in the first place! Compared to previous salon treatments at similar prices, this has been the best and made the most difference to my hair. I do think that this treatment will work better on dry and frizzer hair types than on normal hair types, i.e. the better the condition of your hair, the less effective the treatment will be. If this is the case, you may want to try the KS Ultimate Boost.

I'd recommend anyone with dry & frizzy hair to give this treatment a go. Pop into your local salon or visit the KeraStraight website to find out where you can give the Intense Boost a go!

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(Haha such an awkward moment someone's washing your hair and photos are being taken?!)

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