Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Live Fearless

Having a job, school or other priorities can often turn our lifestyles into a boring routine which we cannot escape. I know that whenever I'm going through a bored of life phase, I wish I was far away on a sandy beach ready to jump into the big blue. I was recently introduced to BodyForm's new campaign, Live Fearless, which gave me the opportunity to try one of my favorite restaurants in a new environment. I chose Nando's of course however I decided to dine at a Nando's 6,000 miles away from home just to make it more fun. However, I wanted to try something completely different and out of the norm to make myself proud. So when I went on holiday last month, I made a mini list and that's exactly what I did.

 I've always been scared of heights and all these crazy bucket list ideas but I finally completed my first challenge. I jumped off a cliff onto a 150 meter high zip line going through an abandoned forest. It's the most scariest thing I'd ever done in my life but I loved it so much and would do it again. For those of you who may think it's only for adrenaline junkies, trust me when I say that I am 100% not that. I hate theme park rides and even driving over the occasional bump on the road but knowing that I tried something new and lived fearlessly makes me very proud of myself. Now I cannot wait to myself a new challenge!


Keeks xx

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