Saturday, 2 August 2014

The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club

Hellooo everyone.
I've always struggled when it comes to buying fragrances online. There could be great deals or discount codes available but I can never purchase the perfume simply because I don't know what the fragrances smell like!

The Fragrance Shop Discover Club*, similar to a Birchbox or Glossybox, delivers 5 beautifully packaged fragrance samples (7 this month) straight to your door. Each box costs £5 per quarter and is commitment free so you can cancel your subscription at any time!


So beautifully packaged with a sturdy box, tissue wrapping & a signature Discover Club sticker logo
(I oo-ed and aah-ed for ages before opening the package)

Can be purchased as a treat for yourself or as a gift for a fragrance lover

Mixed samples for women and men (great variety however I would like the option of women or men only)

Rolling subscription (great because you can never be sure about the long term)

Most of the samples came in spray form (life safer! I usually spill the normal samples everywhere)

Vouchers off in every box - if you purchase any fragrances from this month's box, you get up to £40 off in vouchers (which covers the cost of the box).

Wish there were 7 samples in every box

A variety of high end brands (Prada, Givenchy, Agent Provocateur, etc.) included - which smell amazing!

A really perfect gift idea for any fragrance lovers

Click here to read more about the Discovery Club and the subscription plans available.

Random update: My dad saw this lying on my table and was so intrigued, he was asking if I could buy him 5 boxes so he can give it to his friends as presents.. No dad no :P

What are your thoughts on the Discovery Club?

Keeks x

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